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Intuitive Dashboard

Streamline your finances with a holistic view of all debit, brokerage, investment and credit card transactions.

-All-in-one Overview
: Connect accounts and credit cards using Plaid. Visualize your financial health with intuitive, comprehensive charts and Explorer.

-Track Recurring Transactions: Identify trends & recurring payments. Never get caught off-guard by an unexpected charge again.

AskWallet: your finance ChatGPT

Example Prompts:
- "How much did I earn in dividends from JNJ?"
- "How much monthly payment can I reasonably afford right now?"
- "If I run a software business, which transactions can be tax deductible?"

Interactive Q&A: A conversational interface that provides actionable insights. Utilize chat history for different topics."How much did I spend this month in Wells Fargo?"

Data & Privacy

With our unique approach, you can supply your own database, ensuring no access or storage on our end. You retain full control and peace of mind.

: Bring your own database, a MongoDB Atlas URL. Reads from Plaid are stored directly there. Edit, delete, or export as you see fit.

-Zero Data Visibility: Your data remains unseen by us with out hands-off approach. e guarantee smooth operations without compromising on security

Build libraries for

for yourself

Improve your workflow inside Designer

Tired of jumping back and forth between pages in Webflow to copy a component? Store your components in Your Library and access them instantly, at any time.

for clients

Empower your clients to build in Webflow and get paid for it

Empower your clients to build landing pages using their own personalised component library and never have to wait for them to send you content again.

for the community

Contribute to the community

Create your own component library, share it with the Webflow community and establish yourself as an expert Webflow developer.

Only have one component to share?

Share it. That one contribution can impact thousands of Webflow developers. We’ve seen this happen with our own components.

"Before Relume, I was putting all my components into a Webflow page for my client. By creating my own library, this allows me to easily centralize my components so my clients can easily copy and paste them in to Webflow."
Felix M. - Weblow Developer @ Webflix Studio
"I use the Relume Library, but I would always create a subset of components that I modify to my own style. This is awesome because it allows me to have a customized version of Relume Library specifically for me."
Anto A. - Webflow Developer @ The Carrot Cake Studio
"Creating a component library for a website I'm working on makes it so much faster to edit and build upon. I literally take the Relume components, style them, save them and then reuse those components to build the site. Game changer."
Sam J. - Designer @ Magic Theatre Studio
"We've fully adopted Relume Library for our freelance work and it's been a massive timesaver. Now that we can create our own library by taking the Relume components and customising them, it's going to save us even more time."
Kirk L. - Webflow Developer @ 224 Industries

Flexible Pricing

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights

Hawk Plan
Lifetime deal. Lock in now to unlock new possibilities.
$7 USD
Aggregate dashboard
Unlimited Chats
Connect unlimited accounts
Unlimited users
Look up to 2 years back
Secure data to your private database
Access to community components
Mobile & Official GPT for ChatGPT coming soon
More control for creators looking to build libraries for clients and the community.
$220 USD
$3000 for commercial use code
Access to all 800+ Relume components
Access to privately shared components
Store up to 300 components
Share privately with unlimited users
Slack community access
Free Figma Kit
Community sharing
Access to community components
Including 280+ Untitled UI components
Start building with components for free.
Free forever
Access to 30 Relume components
Access to privately shared components
Store up to 10 components
Share privately with up to 3 users
Slack community access
Free Figma Kit
Lifetime access
Save $$$
Commit to your understanding your personal finances by purchasing lifetime access to the product & Never see us appear in your transactions again.
$205 USD
Billed Once
All the features you love
Early access to features in Beta
Share access up to 3 additional accounts
Share privately with up to 5 users
Slack community access
Free Figma Kit
Community sharing
Including 280+ Untitled UI components
Save %15
More control for creators looking to build libraries for clients and the community.
$40 USD
Per member/month Billed yearly
Access to all 800+ Relume components
Access to privately shared components
Store up to 300 components
Share privately with unlimited users
Slack community access
Free Figma Kit
Community sharing
Access to community components
Including 280+ Untitled UI components
Developer access
Self host or buy a commercial license. Use our API to get data returned from Plaid or apply for for your own Plaid keys.
$3000 USD
Next.js web app code
iOS app code
ChatGPT plugin code
API Keys + Documentation
Help & Support
Lifetime UX updates

Why did we build this?

Why don't we treat our transactions like music where we analyze like Spotify Wrapped or Apple Replay?

Personal finance should not be daunting task.

No more switching between apps, creating homescreen widget layouts, reviewing emailed statements, using online calculators or worse making janky spreadsheet flows. Use Qashboard, it's easier.

Supported browsers
Copying components is not supported on Safari. Please use a supported browser.

Frequently asked questions

Somethings we've heard in the past

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription from your profile page. You may lose access to the dashboard but any data in your store will remain.

Why use Qashboard?

See all your financial data in one place and use retrieval augmented generation to get tangible insights.

What would I use chat for?

Say you get a salary increase, ask how much 5% will change your paycheck Ask if you should apply for a specific card and what your acceptance likely is . Ask how much you've earned in dividends from JNJ.

Does it give financial advice?

It sure does! However, as an AI assistant messages generated should not be considered as serious advice nor is it regulated. Consider the responses to your questions more summary than advice. docs.

How do I paste a component into Webflow?

Copy and pasting is super easy! Simply click the copy button on Relume Library and paste directly into your Webflow project by pressing Press Command-V on or Control-V on Windows.

Does Relume Library work on Safari?

No, copying components is not supported on Safari. Currently, the Relume Library is only supported on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Please use a supported browser.

How does support work?

All support is done through Slack. Simply join our Slack community, send a Webflow share link and explain your problem to one of our experts. We'll then revise your issue and walk you through a solution.

Is there a Figma file for Relume Library?

Yes, and it's completely free. We've created Figma Kit with over 700+ pixel-perfect Figma components to improve your Figma to Webflow workflow. You can download it here

What does "community access" mean?

It means access to our growing Slack community of Webflow enthusiasts, along with other benefits like requesting components, voting on component releases and contributing to the library.

What does "free updates" mean?

To continue to hold the title of the world’s largest Webflow component library, we'll be updating this over time. As we grow, you’ll be able to always access these "free updates" with your existing account. 

Do you provide tutorials?

Yes we do. Check out the Relume University.

Can I downgrade to the Free plan before I finish the 7-day free trial for the Starter plan?

Yes. On the last day of your 7-day free trial for the Starter plan, we'll notify you that your trial is about to end. You can then choose to continue paying for the Starter plan or downgrade to the free plan.

If someone shares a component with me, does that count as a stored component in my library?

No. Components that are shared privately or publicly do not count towards the total components in Your Library. Only components you create are added to your total count.

Can I use this as template for commercial projects?

You sure can! We'd love to see you pay it forward, offering services not in our roadmap. You may leverage the app or subscribe to our API.

How is it different from Mint or Truebill?

We don't execute tasks on your behalf. Rather we provided the means to review and act on historical or derived data.

Is my data secure?

Yes, you may add your own MongoDB datbase to completely own your data, such that no one sees but you. Not even us.

What is your refund policy?

We’re fully committed to building products that you love. If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the Relume Library, please email us at within 30 days to receive a full refund. 

Can I extend my trial?

Yes, if you were not able to test the Relume Library during the 7-day trial period you can request a trial extension. Please email us at and we'll extend the trial for you. We'll need to know your account email details, so please include that in the email.

Can I switch plans after signing up?

Yes, visit the pricing page and click on the plan you want to switch to.

Can I copy and paste Relume Library components into a folder and share them?

Nice try. But no, that won’t be possible.

We employ techniques to identify and block plagiarised components (storing components not owned by you). Ignoring this will result in a lifetime ban of your account. This includes components from other established Webflow component libraries.

Why have you increased pricing?

We’ve increased pricing for a few reasons:

  • Since our launch, we’ve doubled the number of Webflow components available. We believe this makes our library a lot more valuable.

  • We have extended our platform with new features such as creating and sharing your own component library.

  • We’ve created a free tier, which will allow to get access to Relume for free (Forever).

We understand that Relume is not for everyone and that’s okay. We’re here to continuously add value to the this community and your support helps us continue to do so.

Will pricing increase for existing customers on the old pricing plans?

No. Existing customers have been moved over to our new Starter plan and will remain on the original pricing. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your account and decide to join again, you will be charged the new pricing.

Can I still get a 7 day trial after I sign up to the Free plan?

Once you’ve signed up to the Free plan, you will no longer be able to get a 7-day free trial for the Starter plan.

Can I get a 7-day trial for the Pro plan?

As of now, we’re not offering a 7-day trial for the Pro plan.

Do clients have to pay to access my library?

No, privately shared components can be accessed by anyone using the Free plan. Your clients will need to sign up to a Free plan in order to copy and paste components from your folder.

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